Kadenang Ginto November 5 2019 Replay Full Episode HD

Watch Video Your Pinoy Tambayan Teleserye free Kadenang Ginto November 5, 2019 Replay Full Episode HD Pariwiki Online @ Pinoyhdtv. Pinoy Tv Replay Kadenang Ginto Teleserye is a famous Pinoy TV Teleserye. Thousands of people from Philipines and the rest of the world watch Pinoy Tv shows online @ Pinoy Tambayan Lambingan. Watch Starla ABS CBN Teleserye today episode.

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  1. Hello to all who handles Kandenang Ginto Teleserye:

    We used to love watching & follow your episode daily, excitedly rushing from work or errands, so as NOT to miss the show; however, our favorite & most liked teleserye suddenely turned into a “Circus”: the never-ending roller coaster of Romina & Daniela becoming rich, poor, poor/rich situation or condition. The evil personality, behaviour & character of Marga, which we condone so much, because how can such a human being, let alone at an early age as hers get away with her rudeness & selfishness! The show depicts a very high standard school…MAXWELL, but yet permits Marga & Daniela to play around with the system! How can Daniela get away with every crime she does, esp. the “FAKE” GIVING BIRTH TO A BABY, WITHOUT CARLOS having any idea as a dad???!!! Ganun nyo po ba pino-portray katanga ang isang tao, esp. asawa sya na nakapag-aral naman at nakasubaybay sa check up ni Daniela sa doctor nya. WE ALL DEEMED YOU HAVE TO END UP THE SHOW, BECAUSE YOU SEEM TO BE AT A LOST AT WHAT ENDING YOU HAVE TO USE OR APPLY ANYMORE…& JUST PROLONGING THE SHOW WITHOUT SENSE ANYMORE!!! ANG BATAS AT MGA PULIS OR AUTHORITIES KAYANG LARUIN NG MGA KRIMINALS…WHAT SYSTEM DOES THE PHILIPPINES HAVE NA PINAPAKITA SA PALABAS NA ITO?! IT’S SO DEGRADING NA, AT PARANG ANG TANGA NA MASYADO NG MGA PILIPINOS NAMAN? YUNG MGA FOREIGNERS NA ASAWA NG MGA FRIENDS NAMIN SA COMMUNITY, HAVE NASTY THINGS TO SAY/COMMENT NA, BECAUSE THEY TOO USED TO LOVE & FOLLOW THE SHOW…BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! Salamat sa pagbasa & paying attention positively to our concerns. From the community of Panorama City, USA

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